• 1500+ Suppliers

    APP Buyers get access to a pool of independently validated businesses from across sectors.

  • $1.5b+ Tenders

    Our 15 buyers have found it easier to find the right suppliers for goods and services in Ghana.

  • Training worth $30,000+

    Suppliers have benefited from training on how to work with big companies and what it takes to gain a competitive advantage.


Four years of accelerating growth of SMEs through our three pillars

It’s been four years since Invest In Africa (IIA) kicked off its operations in Ghana. IIA is a not-for-profit organisation committed to addressing the challenges of identifying credible local suppliers, developing local content and driving cross sector growth across the economy as a whole.


Invest in Africa: Milestone Tracker

When Invest in Africa (IIA) was created in 2012, our goal was to coordinate the private sector’s desire to source locally, build capacity and create jobs, so we are proud to announce we passed the milestone of connecting small local businesses in Ghana and Kenya with over 100 tenders from large businesses as of April 2018.


Invest in Africa celebrates 4 years

Invest in Africa celebrates 4 years of its contribution to SME development in Ghana. Watch what we have achieved #onestopshop

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RPS Engineering wishes to congratulate IIA on its anniversary milestone. Your continued support to our company in terms of skills training and most importantly our credit extension has helped catapult us into higher heights. Congrats on your anniversary.

We wish to say a big thank you to IIA for their continuous support in areas of capacity building, and ‘access to finance’ from Ecobank and Barclays. Your solid support helped us open a branch in Sierra Leone. We say ‘Ayekoo’ to Invest In Africa.

IIA’s SME Excellence Merit Award received by Agriaccess in January 2018, has put a spotlight on our impact in the lives of Ghanaian smallholder farmers and their communities. It has catapulted us into great partnerships with GIZ,USAID and MADE


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