Business Growth Hub

Practical ‘how-to’ guides to support Ghanaian businesses

The Business Growth Hub is a library of practical ‘how-to’ guides to support Ghanaian businesses in overcoming the challenges of contracting with large companies. These guides have been exclusively written for the African Partner Pool members by IIA Partners and local business experts.

Winning New Business

Want a better chance at winning contracts with new clients? Find out how to respond to a tender and ensure your product or service is delivered to the highest standard.

Registering Your Business

Is your company properly registered? Do you have the right business structures in place?

Meeting Key Obligations

Ensure your company is fully compliant with our comprehensive guides on accounting, tax and insurance

Import, Export / Trade

Want to understand the components of international and local trade and how it can influence your business?

Legal Advisory

Understanding the legalities behind SME's in the Business Landscape


The business behind agriculture and how your business stands to benefit from it's numerous opportunities.

Access to Finance

Are you looking to scale up your business and would want to know the ways to gain the finances to do so?

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